HR Case study

3M has existed for more than 100 years and using science and innovation to provide consumer products including, Post it notes, sandpaper dressings, various types of films, wound care dressings. 3M all employees are considered as leaders, so they provide strategic development opportunities at every stage of their careers. 3M strives to engage all employees by focusing on their careers and development desires. In fact, one of the sustainability goals of 3M is that all global workforce (90,000 employees in 70 countries) will participate in development opportunities by 2025.
Each year, all employees create or update their development plan, which includes short- and long-term career goals. All employees are encouraged to constantly learn and improve their skills. The 3M tuition payment programme encourages employees to apply for education in order to meet current work responsibilities and help prepare for career changes to advance the career paths they choose.
For many functional areas, competency models provide links to relevant training opportunities and development recommendations that can be discussed and agreed upon through the employee’s supervisor. Options include increased efficiency through career activities or social learning through a trainer or mentor.
Because 3M believes that driving development provides a competitive advantage. It has invested in multiple leadership development programmes that are offered at different stages of an employee’s life. Business and leadership courses are available to employees at any level, including online programs available to all 3M global employees. 3M emphasizes diversity, collaboration and inclusion in all of its leadership behaviours, which are linked to leadership performance assessments.

For example, one leadership development program, 3M Leadership Way, has four levels, Spark, Ignite, Amplify and Catalyst.
Spark targets young 3M leaders who have been identified as having high potential.
Ignite participants are the new managers who learn their roles. Training on how to build effective teams is provided using gamification and virtual technology. Managers complete a project to demonstrate the impact of learning and applications in their daily work.

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Amplify leaders multiple teams working on projects, visiting customers, and working on their skills for nine months.
Catalyst is a year-long program where leaders attend leadership meetings, get exposure to the customer and other views outside 3M and work on a project that focuses on the challenge issued by senior management, customer-based project on customer needs, or community based project.
All these levels include self-assessment of competencies as well as 360 degree feedback and coaching.

-How can the development in 3M help the company to gain a competitive advantage? (minimum 500 words in essay style)

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