You being entrepreneur launch a new form of anti-lies shampoo which is equi-beneficial for defense against hair fall. Although there is no other shampoo which is beneficial for both of these benefits. Then there is a need to check customer perception regarding the shampoo which is offering both of these benefits. Therefore you conducted a survey from those who are suffering mainly from issues of lies. Although your brand is found to be in fourth quadrant of the perceptual mapping grid (as it is in initial phase), this needs to formulate following:

A.Statement through which you will decrease various forms of risks of using your brand
B. Value Proposition grid (product Based) for your shampoo to improve worth but do not decrease price un-necessarily
C. Statements (practical not definition) for influencing consumer purchase decision
D. Explanation of consumer behavior models (practical explanation linked to your brand) in order to market your brand.

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