An example of negative motivation is:

A. If you don’t finish this project, I will assign it to someone else
B.. If you complete your job, you will get a bonus
C. If you do not finish this project, you will not get the bonus I promised you
D. None of the options
A customer called the customer service department having a problem. The customer was in a hurry and didn’t have the time to wait for the employees to resolve his issue. What should the employee do?”
A. Ask the customer to wait for a while and ensure that you are trying to solve his problem as fast as possible
B. Ask the customer to leave his contact number and you will call him once the problem is resolved C. Tell the customer that the solution needs time and to call in another time
D. All can be true
Which one of the following tips should you try when you believe that you 2 points have treated a customer inappropriately?”
A. Go over the situation
B. Don’t wait to see the customer reaction
C. Don’t apologize for your action if not your fault
D. Don’t allow the customer to know that it’s your fault. Try to blame others
A customer came to your store speaking a foreign language. He was trying to get information about a product. What should the employee do?
A. Tell him to come back later with someone with him
B. Behave as if you understand and give him the product manual including all information
C. Tell him “I’m sorry, I don’t know your language and proceed with your work
D. Write down the information so you and him can use dictionaries

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