A customer is about to purchase a product, but seems very unsure about 2 points which option to choose. This is an example of:

A. Challenging customer
B. Special customer
C. Talkative customer
D. Friendly customer
An employee with a high salary works as a supervisor in a small company.The customer is getting more dissatisfied with his work as he is spending more time at work and can’t see his family enough. How should the upper management deal with such situation?
A. Give the customer more bonuses
B. Hire more employees
C. Increase the salary of the customer
D. Give the customer more off-days

______customers got even by spreading the word about bad service that they received.
A. Satisfied
B. First-time users
C. Loyal
D. Dissatisfied

A group of employees were assigned to complete a project. The team consisted of 4 employees. Only one employee was contributing more in accomplishing the project and was dissatisfied with the workload he had. What should the management do?
A. Assign other employees to accomplish the project
B. At the end of the project, praise the employee in front of all employees
C. Provide this employee with higher salary
D. Make sure to divide work equally among employees

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