Cases, policies, procedures, and action plans are part of ______________form of knowledge.

Select one:

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a. Documented

b. Unstructured

c. Semi-structured

d. Structured

2) Which of the following is not a purpose of EDMS?

Select one:

a. Combine text with digital audio and video

b. Indexing, searching and retrieval

c. Forms management allows organisation and structure of data

d. Divergence of the document processing

3) In Knowledge Management, there are various forms of storing the knowledge. What do we call that form in which knowledge is stored in the form is cases, policies, and procedures?

Select one:

a. Structured Knowledge

b. Unstructured Knowledge

c. None of above

d. Semi-Structured knowledge

4) Which of the following data landscape is used by the executives in DSS?

Select one:



c. ESS



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