Which statement is false below related to facilities systems?

Facility systems do not have an impact on the fire protection, maintenance, and security of a facility

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Facility systems have an important impact on employee performance, morale, and safety

A critical factor affecting facility flexibility is the facility’s systems

None of the above

A facility plan is not complete until all systems are specified

What dimension height in the reach zone would accommodate a wheel chair bound and person standing?

3ft 4in

2ft 6in

2ft 10in

2ft 2in

None of the above

Which statement below is false related to office facility planning?

Workspaces and equipment must be designed to accommodate the comfort zone of both able-bodied and physically disadvantaged individuals.

Offices are the most challenging items to design within a facility

An open office is one in which the office area is free from contemporary or permanent partition walls

Open offices offer benefits such as decreased communication and higher maintenance costs

None of the above


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