In this assignment, a group of people who have very well industry experienced will attend our class and introduce a new organizational model. To make this new approach (Renaissance of Work) well understood and applicable, an assignment is developed: In Renaissance of Work part of your course, you will be studying 4 company cases in teams which are already created. These companies are known as real organizations which we can observe self-management practices. We would like you to research and study about these companies and prepare at least 2,5.

Your presentations and reports must include your observations about these topics:

• How is the company organized, what are the main elements of the organizational structure? (Illustrations and visual representations of the organization scheme is welcomed)

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• Purpose/Strategy

• People, Culture and Values (HR functions in traditional organizations)

• How does decision making structure within the organization works?

• How do the conflicts between business units are resolved?

• How do the business results are measured?

• Your Comments:

-What is surprising about this organizational model?

-What are the advantages&risks of this organizational model?

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