Discuss the relationship between Performance Management and Development? (10 marks)


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As with SBR, we have discussed at length strengths based performance management and how to embed it. Management and development key talent is crucial to guaranteeing that you have great performers and successors. If you have known about your workforce strengths you remove a lot of the risk that you will find yourself with not enough of the right people, most business spend great deal of time and money gaining insight into their customers-what they love, what is important to them, what motivates them, how they like to be communicated with etc. until the strength movement came along, most organization knew way more about their customers than they did about their own employees. Some might claim that employee engagement surveys give them insight. They do but key are based on a standard set of questions, the subjects of which may or may not be important to a particular group of employees I always remember answering an engagement survey that asked,” Have you got a best friend at work”? I didn’t, and it wasn’t important to me to have a best friend at work. Luckily I had a good manager who made it his business to find out what made all of his people tick. I doubt whether the company’s engagement survey gave him any more insight into us that he already had.

Genuine insight into employees and prospective employees gives any talent management strategy a richness and depth that it otherwise wouldn’t have. This is a major area that a strengths approach can add via strengths profiling

Key points to be included in the answer:

  • Review the case study extracted from your course book
  • Explain the link between performance management and development using relevant examples.
  • State at least 3 real-life situations where you have witnessed radical development through changes in employee performance
  • Do you agree that placement of people should be done in accordance to their strength? Support your answer with valid reasons.


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