Diana works as a secretary for the CEO at a prestigious corporate named ATC Limited. Since she had joined 3 years, she notably managed to demonstrate an outstanding set of skills that was the object of deep appreciation by her CEO Mr. Thomas Brown. Until recently, she was the only secretary at the CEO office who was in charge of a vast array of duties ranging from preparing and maintaining the day-to-day schedule of meetings that her boss had to attend, writing meeting minutes, setting up weekly meetings with heads of business units and taking care of the travel logistics for her boss when traveling. As a result of the increased load of work, another secretary named Ms. Lucy was hired. Lucy managed in a record time to demonstrate a superb approach in speeding up the pace of completion of the daily operations that Mr. Thomas had to deal with a s a result of his recent promotion as vice president. Diana began to feel some touchlines with Lucy regarding the way things should be addressed.

While Diana preferred to take her time to ensure high quality of job is delivered consistently, Lucy was a simply regarded as a flame of fire as she was known for her top speed to complete her duties ahead of time.

As the situation became more frequent, Diana sensed that a conflict of interest began to aggregate which aggravated the relationship between them. Sadly, the situation completely burst out when Lucy repeated attempted to abuse Diana by deceiving her that she is learning few things from for the sake of learning while she was lurking to take over her place. The manipulative approach Lucy played, led her to persuade Mr. Thomas that she can better assist him by taking over more duties from Diana. In the rage of this conflict, Diana still had a winning card to play with: She has far more experience and knowledge about the operations while Lucy doesn’t. She also has much better technological skills in terms of using many applications that run significant tasks for Thomas. This unique knowledge that Diana possessed was well acquainted by Lucy.

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Assume that Diana decided to raise a complaint to Thomas against Lucy. What choices does Thomas have to resolve the conflict? Which approach should Thomas follow to ensure best conflict management results for the sake of the organization wellbeing?

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