ABC Retailers (Pty) Limited has been running project portfolios for the past 7 years. In view of the current COVID-19 induced economic downturn, ABC is very concerned about the risk levels of their projects. The company has four major projects at this moment namely;

a. Project 1 (The new online project). This is a highly innovative, real-time, automatic and technologically advanced system of stock management, sales, online sales, customer engagements and feedback system. They got it from their IT supplier in Japan where it has been used for over 6 years.
b. Project 2 (The home delivery system). Although ABC has been doing home deliveries, they intensified it due to the lockdown. The company improved it so significantly that the client is safe, they can track their product online, they also know the driver`s details and they can check if the product has not been tempered with. This has highly improved but they are not so sure if this is sustainable.
c. Project 3. ABC has also taken initiatives to open warehouses, collection centres and retail branches. Most of the new branches are closer to suburbs and clients can easily on their website and using google maps to search their location. They are also training their staff members to improve customer care.
d. Project 4. ABC has not stopped their traditional way of doing business- waiting for walk-in customers to visit their shops. However, recently this has not been paying off as very few customers visit their branches. Classify the above four projects into risk-based portfolios. You are required to name and explain each portfolio and determine the risk levels.

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