Rob is the manager of the Twitch Electronics company. They have previously specialised in the production of electronic items such as televisions, desktop computers, and cameras. However, Rob recently decided to offer customers a home installation and guidance service. This has proved popular among the customers, and they have proven very willing to pay the additional amount. However, the employees given responsibility for the service have identified a number of hazards, including: Exposure to exposed wires during installation Electric shocks when adjusting internal components Injury as a result of exposure to arcing Static electricity igniting flammable dusts Damage to tools and equipment. Create a new document and answer the questions in the tasks for Parts 1 and 2. Save your document (Word document preferred) as Case Study 2, and upload it once complete. Tasks: Identify the options which Rob might consider in relation to the identified hazards in accordance with the hierarchy of control. Imagine that Rob instructs the employees to use safer materials and wear items of personal protective equipment during the installation process. Unfortunately, these control methods fail to deal with the severity of the hazards or meet standards set by WHS regulations. Identify five details which the employees should report in relation to the inadequate risk controls. Identify and briefly describe five resources which might be required in order to adequately address the risks.


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