Question 13 0.6 pts Bond BFF has 6 years to maturity, 6.25% coupons, makes semiannual payments, and is now priced at par. The Yield to Maturity right now must be . If the market interest rate suddenly drops by 3.5%, the percentage change in the price of BFF will be O 6.25%; +3.79% O 6.25%; +19.24% O 3.125%; -1.92% O 3.125%; -35.36% < Previous Next ? Alexair Inc. 2017 Income Statement has the following information Net Sales: 59,610,000 Earnings before interest and taxes: $1,930,000 Net Income: $845,000 Suppose throughout 2017, AlexAir has added 5570,000 to its retained Earnings on the Balance Sheet, what must be the dividend paid in 2017? O $275,000 $570,000 O $2,060,000 51,490,000


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