A 40-ft3 tank contains air at 560R with a pressure of 50 lbf/in.2 Determine the mass of the air, in lb. Ideal gas behavior can be assumed for air under these conditions.

Compare the densities, in kg/m3 , of helium and air, each at 300 K, 100 kPa. Assume ideal gas behavior.

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Assuming the ideal gas model, determine the volume, in ft3 , occupied by 1 lbmol of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas at 200 lbf/in.2 and 600R.

A rigid tank, with a volume of 2 ft 3 , contains air initially at 20 lbf/in2 , 500R. If the air receives a heat transfer of magnitude 6 Btu, determine the final temperature, in R, and the final pressure, in lbf/in.2 Assume ideal gas behavior, and use

(a) a constant specific heat value from Table T-10E evaluated at 500R.

(b) data from Table T-9E.


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