Need a very effective persuasive presentation message ( to give a presentation for 10 minutes) to other boards members of student NGO ORGANIZATION OF a university to open a sports center OR ANY OTHER IDEA INNOVATIVE IDEA TO OPEN NEW FACI;LITY utilize USD 100000 Ssecario is as below


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You are a member of a volunteer board of Student Life, a non-profit organization at Extended Education. The organization has received an anonymous donation of $100,000. The Executive Director has identified the following options to use the money:

  • to open a sports club;
  • to open a [insert your own idea].

The initial discussion about this plan is on the agenda for your today’s board meeting. You’ve thought about the opportunities and would like to provide your arguments in support of one of them.

  1. Choose one of the options on the list or suggest your own idea on how to utilize the donation.
  2. Within your working group, conduct a simulated board meeting and present your persuasive argument in support of one of the options to others.


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