Want to buy a new pair of skinny jeans, but also care about how much the workers were paid to make them? Think there may be space in your life for an iPhone case made from upcycled fire hose and reclaimed parachute silk? Well, being ethical does not have to mean being unfashionable any more, at least not according to the Ethics Girls, a UK-based organization launched online in 2007. The Ethics Girls website seeks, as they put it, to ‘set the example’ in ‘ethical fashion, shopping and ideas’. Featuring a shop, magazine, and even the opportunity to become a member of the Ethics Girls co-operative the site promises to ‘take the guilt out of ethical consumption, to make life and our choices simpler’. Unlike some ethical shopping sites, such as the Ethical Consumer organization’s online buyers’ guides (which provide detailed scorecards for a wide range of products in numerous categories), Ethics Girls do not claim to have a particularly robust research methodology. Their approach is style led rather than research led, with an emphasis on lifestyle journalism and the promotion of positive choices among young women. And perhaps more than anything, it shows the continuing transformation and maturation of the internet as a place for ethical shoppers of all kinds—and not just diehard activists—to go for advice, information, and inspiration.

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