Anthony LePage is the owner of a local recruitment agency that
has an established presence in the northern Ontario market. He is
looking to expand its service offerings to include consulting
services to small businesses. A recent marketing blitz advertising
this new service has led to a new partnership with a large local
manufacturing business. After the meeting with the owner of the
manufacturing business, the mandate is clear that the owner is
seeking the agency’s assistance in creating and writing job
descriptions for all of the positions within the company. Some of
these positions include administrative assistants, sales,
engineering, and skilled trades, along with many others. There are
more than 100 descriptions to write. The owner would like to see a
plan for job analysis within one month before he signs the contract
with Anthony LePage. Anthony LePage decides to hire a human
resources consultant to take charge of this job analysis project
and prepare for the job analysis plan.

Short Essay Question 1

You are interested in the human resources consultant position,
and have applied for this position. Anthony is impressed with your
educational background, professional designation, and work
experience. He schedules an interview with you.

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1) During the interview, Anthony asks you the following

a. Can you name three methods to collect data for job analysis?
(1 point)

b. If you were hired as the human resources consultant in charge
of this job analysis project, and you can only use one method to
collect data for job analysis, which method will you choose? What
are the advantages (and potential disadvantages, if applicable) of
this method? (3 points)

2) Are Anthony’s two interview questions above valid? Why? (1

250 word limit

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