Rienzi Farms grows sugar cane and soybeans on its 500 acres of land. An acre of soybeans brings a? $1000 contribution to overhead and? profit; an acre of sugar cane has a contribution of? $2000. Because of a government program no more than 300 acres may be planted in soybeans. During the planting season 1500 hours of planting time will be available. Each acre of soybeans requires 2?hours, while each acre of sugar cane requires 5 hours. The company seeks maximum contribution? (profit) from its planting decision. What is the optimal? solution?

A. 300 acres of? soybeans, 180 acres of sugar cane

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B. 500 acres of? soybeans, 0 acres of sugar cane

C. 300 acres of? soybeans, 100 acres of sugar cane

D. 0 acres of? soybeans, 300 acres of sugar cane

E. 300 acres of? soybeans, 200 acres of sugar cane


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