IT has dramatically changed business structures, productivity, operations, and communications. In this discussion, you identify one social media marketing resource available to businesses and describe the opportunities and challenges it presents.
This is our virtual classroom where an interactive discussion will explore a topic in more depth. As a part of this online community of learners, you are expected to interact through posts and responses in order to enhance and support concept understanding.


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3. Discuss pricing strategies for different competitive situations and identify pricing tactics.


Use the numbers in the instructions to organize your post and ensure that you meet all requirements.

  1. Select a social media site that is appropriate for marketing products. Summarize in one paragraph the features and benefits of that site.
  2. Identify a company that you think is effectively utilizing this site. Describe three of this company’s engagements.
  3. A business should have tangible goals for its social media marketing strategy. Explain what you think the goals of this company are.

NOTE: Select a site other than Facebook. Do not duplicate a classmate’s site. There are over 60 social media sites, so this is not a problem.

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