You are addressing the promotion of your iPad/business. Tell the class about the iPad you are using to develop your marketing plan to begin the discussion.


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  1. Evaluate and discuss the major decisions involved in developing an advertising program.

  1. Discuss branding strategy—the decisions companies make in building and managing their brands.

For?discussions,?you will need a?minimum?of three posts (to be eligible for full credit), one response to the topic, and a minimum of two?substantial?replies to other students. Three responses?are?required on three different days to earn full points grade, and most students will reply numerous times throughout the week.

Discuss promotion and branding of your iPad/business.

  • Describe an advertisement of your iPad/business or a similar iPad/business. The advertisement may be on TV, radio, the internet, magazines, mailers, etc.

  • What is the advertising objective for your iPad/business? (informative, persuasive, reminder)

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of media?

  • What form of media do you believe would be best for reaching your target audience?

  • What are some concepts that make an effective ad?

  • Name one other brand name in competition with your iPad/business. What do you like about the product and/or brand name? What do you dislike? What image does the brand have in your mind?


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