Twitter appears to have caught the attention of the entire world. Politicians joke about it, yet use it to communicate their perspectives on the issues. Companies use Twitter to encourage consumers to try new products. Activist groups Tweet about their causes while lawmakers Tweet about the President’s speech to Congress. Even protesters in Iran used Twitter to get their message out to the rest of the world. But it is the average person who may be the most important user of the technology. Twitter has captured the imagination of millions of people everywhere who use it to provide their opinion on just about anything, let people know what they are doing at any given time, and generally provide information about themselves to others. Indeed, Twitter is changing the way the world communicates.Twitter was created just a few short years ago by then 29 year old Jack Dorsey. It began with just fiver Tweeters, and now has a global following of some 40 million people, and it is gaining more users everyday. Twitter is essentially an instant messaging system that enables users to text messages to a single person or to thousands of other people simultaneously. Messages, which are called Tweets, begin with an answer to the question ‘what are you doing?’ Dorsey believes the success of Twitter lies in part with the way it makes people more approachable. He believes that while important messages can be conveyed via Tweets, it is the more mundane stream of updates about life’s little moments that makes the technology so accessible and popular. Knowing that a famous person does many of the same things as the average Joe brings the celebrity down to everyone else’s level and makes the individual more real and relatable.While some may wonder whether Twitter has created a monster in which everyone can provide steady streams of information and opinions that are often of little interest to most people, Dorsey disagrees. According to Dorsey, because the technology is controlled by the recipient, individuals can choose to opt into a message stream or avoid it. It is this feature that could make the technology a key link between companies and customers, lawmakers and voters, and so on at some point in the future.
The following questions are your guide in making the report.
1. Consider the role of technology in the process of globalization. How doestechnology like Twitter facilitate globalization? In your opinion, can Twitter be an agent of cultural change across nations? (150-300 words)
2. Consider the use of Twitter by lawmakers and other government officials. How can policymakers use Twitter in their decision making? What are the implications of social media for trade policies? (150-300 words)
3. How are social media platforms changing the way companies and consumers interact with each other? What does your response tell you about how companies might incorporate Twitter into their marketing strategies? What are the advantages of using Twitter as part of the selling process? (150-300 words)
4. While social media like Twitter offer companies new ways to reach their customers, they also create new challenges for companies. Discuss some of the disadvantages of Twitter from a company’s perspective. What unique challenges might multinational companies using Twitter as part of their marketing program face?(150-300 words)
5. Assuming that you the Head of Human Resource Department of Twitter and planning to conduct a global leadership program, Will this approach be a useful approach? Why, or why not?(150-300 words)


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