Instructions: have come up with an idea for a new service or product or enhancement to an existing service or product. However, before you can attract any funding for your business idea, you will need to develop a ‘start-up business plan’ using the template provided in the form. The idea: Customised red/white wine, including year, alcohol concentration and packaging.

Question: Are there any risk factors associated with profits (in which revenue/cost items would variances have the most impact on the bottom line)? What do various scenarios (options) look like?

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a. What would a positive profit scenario look like? (Describe any relevant revenue or cost conditions)

b. What would a negative/economic loss scenario look like? (Describe any relevant revenue or cost conditions)

c. What would a break-even scenario look like? (Describe any revenue or cost conditions)

d. How realistic are each of these scenarios?

e. Are there any assumptions discussed in 3a to 3d that need to be tested?


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