A recent study reported in the International Journal of Human Resource Management concluded that employee performance is determined by the following factors: (1) reward & recognition, (2) appraisal, (3) system support, and (4) job satisfaction.

Mr. Ebrahim Abdurrahman, an MBA student at the University College of Bahrain, wants to verify these findings in the case of Bahrain’s private sectors. In this regard, he collected a sample of more than 500 respondents through online surveys.

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He defines 10 motivating factors in working environment following previous studies in human resource literature, for instance: (i) job security, (ii) job promotion, (iii) working condition, (iv) wages, (v) interesting work, (vi) help/assistance, (vii) appreciation, (viii) rules, (ix) opportunity, and (x) responsibility. The aforementioned items (motivating factors) are explained variables used in the study. The list of variables are as follows:

Y: employee performance,

X1: reward & recognition,

X2: appraisal,

X3: system support, and

X4: job satisfaction.

[Note: Use the spss dataset Final Exam Dataset.sav in below link to run the following analyses, by using SPSS software! Use a = 0.05 (5%) for any significance test]

Answer the following questions:

  1. Justify the findings of each variable based on prior studies in human resource literature (justify both significant and non-significant results). You may add explanation/justification from the journal articles/internet/magazine, and shows the references list (4 marks)

Note: In writing your argument, start with an introduction, main analysis, and followed by synthesis/concluding remark.


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