Q-1.Use the data below for Twentyfirst Century Laundry for the weights of loads of clothes processed through their washing department in a week.
A) Apply the Excel Descriptive Statistics tool to compute the mean, standard deviation, and other relevant statistics, and interpret the results in a meaningful fashion.
B) Use the Frequency Distribution and Histogram Excel template (on the next red worksheet tab or create on your own) to construct a frequency distribution and histogram for the data. From what type of distribution might you suspect the data are drawn? Experiment with the number of cells to create a visually appealing histogram and use the Excel Histogram tool to verify the results.
Note: You may use the next worksheet tab template or create the descriptive statistics and histogram using the Excel tools.6931729338065364226444157749858210228704130254531494949134227134531143432391929121930142114145271318814191821215941961071924171515538905526416122753351635383999113916171823742526585962
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