Customs Documents CCD, CI Choose 2 items from the HS to import. You must use the last 4 digits of your student number for which chapter you have to look into. If your last four digits are 1234 then you must look in Chapter 12 and chapter 34. Note that if either of those 2 digits are 00, 98, 99 then you can choose any chapter. Write a Cargo Control Document and a Customs invoice for these goods. (These forms are in the learning hub under CBSA Documents and The CCI is in Forms and Publications on the CBSA website as a fillable form online) Use the following information: Importer: BCIT, Willingdon Ave, BBY, BC Exporter: LA Exports, LA, California, 90210 Carrier: CBSA Trucking, Vancouver, BC Warehouse: CBSA Trucking warehouse #54321, Vancouver, BC Crossing at: Blaine WA to PAC HWY (Pacific highway, BC) Broker: BCIT Brokers, New West, BC, Canada Shipped by truck from LA. All made in the USA. (LA) Choose all other information: Date of shipping, arrival date, quantity and weights. When choosing information not listed above do not use real names or real phone numbers, addresses.
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