The focus of this is to IKEA company of organizational innovation associated with its business functions- marketing and/or operations management- and analyze the importance of this innovation. not about innovative products, but rather innovative processes and methods that organizations implement through their business functions (marketing or operations) to gain competitive advantage such as finding new suppliers, creating new production methods, creating a new advertising strategy, etc…

*Your answer should be in the form of an essay. The essay should be well organized, that is, it has an introduction, body and conclusion . The introduction should introduce the topic.

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In the body paragraphs, the following points should be discussed:
1. Name the organization and briefly describe its products, markets and activities.
2. How was the organization able to become innovative? Link to the theories discussed in the course material.
3. Discuss how the two business functions (marketing and operations) would identify and address this organization’s innovation needs. Link to the theories discussed in the course material.
4. Discuss the selected process innovation (marketing and/or operations). Which problem did it solve? Which added value did it bring? Link to the theories discussed in the course material.
5. Analyze how the process innovation was implemented and its benefits.
6. Discuss the past or future challenges faced by the organization for innovation implementation.


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