In this assignment, you need to review the Tesla, Inc. case study. The case study describes the rise of Tesla Motors, an electric vehicle company founded in 2004 by electric inventor Martin Eberhard and South African innovator, Elon Musk. The case details the motivation of the two men, their personalities, and the conflicts they went through to develop the company. It also provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities of competing in the electric vehide space: discusses Tesla’s strategies for manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the cars; and points to key questions about Tesla’s future. Refer to the attached document for assignment details and grading rubric. Please organize your paper as follows:

1. Include a heading for the introduction.
2. Include headings for EACH of Porter’s Five Forces models.
3. Include headings for Tesla’s Strengths and weaknesses,
4. Include a heading for the Conclusion. Headings are beneficial to delineate you have addressed each assignment requirement

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