The Seattle Post Intelligencer, which produces newspapers, consumed 600 boxes of rubber-bands per week last year. The price of a box was $80, and the newspaper operates 52 weeks per year. The cost of processing an order was $55, and the cost of holding one box throughout a full year was 20% of the value of the material. Last year the Post ordered rubber-bands, on average, once every two weeks, each time ordering 1200 boxes.

A. What extra cost did the Seattle Pl incur that could have been avoided if the EOQ concept had been applied (round up to a full unit for EOQ)?
O A. $3,619.72
OB. $11,030.00
O C. 464
OD. $7,410.28
B. What is the cycle length (time between orders) in weeks when orders are placed using the EOQ quantity?
O A. The correct answer is not displayed
OB. 5.43
OC. 0.77
OD. 0.18

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