Case One

Fisheries Ministry to take those selling mud crabs and giant clams not of recommended size to task By Navitalai Naivalurua Tuesday 26/02/2019 Mud crabs and Giant clams People will be taken to task by the Ministry of Fisheries if they are found selling mud crabs and giant clams which are not of the recommended size. Permanent Secretary for Fisheries Craig Strong says they are aiming to improve the crab and giant clam population by having a system in place for fishermen so they can have maximum return on their investment when it comes to harvesting crabs and clams. Strong says giant clam species are listed under the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species. He says mud-crabs have a high value on the domestic market in Fiji and popular among local consumers and the Tourism Industry. Strong adds the harvesting of undersized crabs is an ongoing issue. The Permanent Secretary for Fisheries was speaking at a two day workshop aimed at getting stakeholders input about the strategies that will make sure Fiji has long-term sustainability of mud crabs and giant clams. REQUIRED

1. In a capitalist market will you condone such action? Why or why not.

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2. Do the sellers of crab use rational when selling undersize crabs? Explain your answer

3. Could the iron cage theorem be used in this case? Elaborate.

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