The Western Australian state government has finally received approval to build a dedicated
Covid quarantine facility that can house Australians returning from overseas in a safer
environment than the current hotel quarantine system.
In building projects like these, the waterfall method is often considered the default for
project management. In this particular case however, time is critical, and some local experts
are saying this facility could be built in less than a year.
In planning for this, it would be useful to consider a number of alternate project
management methods and approaches that are gaining in popularity. Refer to the news
article here and discuss the merits of at least three other project management methods and
how they could be applied to this project. In each case, compare these other methods to the
waterfall approach, and explain the implications of using each of these alternatives, in the
specific context of this project.

article – COVID quarantine villages could house returning Australians from overseas hotspots – ABC News

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