SNC-Lavalin, Canada’s largest engineering firm, was the focus of one of North America’s most serious corporate investigations and charges of bribery and related unethical activities in contract bidding. Many SNCL executives face charges of criminal activity, and Word Bank imposed a decade-long ban against the company from bidding on contracts that it funds. Please research more details on the case. Please use the course content to discuss the ethical principles and MARS model, and analyze the three factors might influence the unethical behaviours in SNC- Lavalin.

Question 2: During a diversity management session, a manager suggests that stereotypes are necessary part of working with others. “I have to make assumptions about what’s in other person’s head, and stereotypes help me to do that,” she explains, “it’s better to rely on stereotypes than to enter a working relationship with someone from another culture without any idea of what they believe in!” Discuss the merits of and problems with the manager’s statement.

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