City 1 produces 500 tons of waste per day, and city 2 produces 400 tons of waste per day. Waste must be incinerated at incinerator 1 or 2, and each incinerator can process up to 500 tons of waste per day. The cost to incinerate waste is $40/ton at incinerator 1 and $30/ton at 2.

Incineration reduces each ton of waste to 0.2 tons of debris, which must be dumped at one of two landfills. Each landfill can receive at most 200 tons of debris per day. It costs $3 per mile to transport a ton of material (either debris or waste). Distances (in miles) between locations are shown in Table 79. Formulate an LP that can be used to minimize the total cost of disposing of the waste of both cities.

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