At the heart of the leaming process for managers to effectively deal with diversity, is communication True False

Women were similar to men on perceptions involving a hostile work environment and derogatory attitudes toward women. True False

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Most tests traditionally used in selection and evaluation are not suited or valid for a diverse workforce. True False not biased. 19. Scientific analysis is used to ensure that pencil-and-paper tests True False 20. Awareness training alone is imperative to shift perceptions and bring about behavioral change. True False

A mentor is a trusted counselor, coach, or advisor who provides advice and assistance. True False

Parents who want to return to work on a part-time basis, have found compressed workweeks to be an attractive employment alternative. True False

Peer pressure can lead people to behave unethically. True False

Ethics need theory-building and basic research in the study of organizational behavior. True False

There is no significant relationship between corporate social performance and bottom-line results, True False


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