Milton Imports Limited imports and markets a protein powder called ShredX. The protein powder is wholly manufactured and packaged in China. In order to ‘bulk up’ the purported protein content, the manufacturer included an ingredient that can cause serious medical problems if ingested by humans. Jane purchased some ShredX from her local gym, Fitness Fanatics. Soon after using it, she became severely ill. Eventually, Jane’s doctor traced the problem to a form of poisoning by the protein powder. They are monitoring her as permanent damage may have been caused by this poisoning. Required: Advise Jane if she has any claims under the Australian Consumer Law (‘ACL’) against the manufacturer Milton Imports?

(Note: The IRAC method may be helpful in answering this question. You must use the principles of Australian Consumer Law (ACL) to answer this question. Do not answer this question using contract law or tort law as you will not receive any marks.) (Word limit: Maximum 500 words)

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