1. Page 1 of report should be the job description for Benefits Manager (Task A). In addition, you need to indicate whether this position would be exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay per the FLSA criteria. If exempt, which category of exemption does this position fit? Justify your opinion.
  1. Next, provide the definitions for each compensable factor and associated degree scores for each compensable factor. There are a total of six compensable factors, each with 4 degrees listed on page 50 of the Student Manual. In your report, please include the degree score definitions for Education Level (the example provided in case) for completeness. Your team will need to define degree scores for the remaining compensable factors (this is preparation work for completing Task B and should be posted in the Discussion Forum for Week 6).
  1. Complete Task B by evaluating each of the job descriptions against your compensable factors and then totaling the points for each job. See example for front desk receptionist in student manual. You should have four tables similar to the example shown on page 50, where each table has your team’s point allocations for the four remaining benchmark jobs (in Appendix for benchmark jobs). Provide a few sentences to explain the point allocations for each benchmark job.
  • Tasks A and B (steps 1-3 above) should be completed by October 10 (Note: Step 2 is due in the Discussion Forum by October 9)
  1. Complete Task C using the market survey salary data provided in the Student Manual (pp. 52-56). Be sure to calculate the “weighted mean” to weight for number of job incumbents in each position. For each job position, you will need to multiply the average salary by number of job incumbents to calculate the numerator (summing across companies); the denominator is the total number of job incumbents.
  1. Complete Tasks D-E. For Task D, you will need to use Excel to create the regression line. Be sure to include the job points and salary information for the front desk receptionist position (as well as the remaining four benchmark jobs) as part of this analysis. Be sure to provide your resulting regression equation in the report and to identify, and interpret, the slope, y-intercept, and R squared. Please attach your regression output (from Excel) as an Appendix to the report. Watch the Week 7 lecture videos for more information on how to do this step.
  1. Next is Tasks F & G. For Task G, provide a short explanation for your proposed adjusted pay rate (you do not have to go with the 3% adjustment recommended in manual). Then, provide a table to report the results of Tasks F and G. In this table, column A is the job title, column B is job evaluation points (from Step 3 above), column C is predicted base pay (Task F), and column D is adjusted pay (Task G). You will have one row for each of the five benchmark jobs.Watch the Week 8 lecture video for more information.
  • Tasks C-G should be completed by October 18.
  1. Complete Tasks H and I. Create a table in which you identify the pay grades (e.g., point spreads) and pay ranges (e.g., pay range percentage spread; min and max salary) for your pay system. Be sure to indicate in which pay grade (and therefore pay range) each of the benchmark jobs will fall. Provide a brief explanation for why you grouped the jobs as you did, and how you decided on the pay range percentage spreads.Week 8 video provides more information.


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