Conceive of a unique service as a Product to be Designed, Developed and Launched.

Consider all factors given below: (comment on each aspect to explain)
• Uniqueness of Services compared to tangible goods.
• Bridging the Gaps in Service Quality
• Focus on Customer/Consumer’s Behavior, Perceptions and Expectations through Research preferably primary Research.
• Design the product with built in systems for Recovery Aligning with Standards set for the Service Quality.
• Highlight Physical Evidence for the Services Standard and Quality.
• Plan to deliver the Service, Pricing and manage demand in relation to Capacity.
• Give Blue print of processes involved.
• Explain as to how, it will be viable economically.

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Service Product Selected can be from:
Health services/Hospital Tourism
Nursing, post operative care
Flowers, Bouquet, Sweets, Cakes, Presents delivery
Funeral services with VIP Graveyard
Matrimonial Services
Marriage Event Management
Home Delivery Services Company
Any other


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