Operation Costing: Work-in-Process Inventory  Washington, Inc., makes three models of motorized carts for vacation resorts, X-10, X-20, and X-40. Washington manufactures the carts in two assembly departments: Department A and Department B. All three models are processed initially in Department A, where all material is assembled. The X-10 model is then transferred to finished goods. After processing in Department A, the X-20 and X-40 models are transferred to Department B for final assembly, and then transferred to finished goods.  There were no beginning work-in-process inventories on April 1. Data for April are shown in the following table. Ending work in process is 25 per cent complete in Department A and 60 per cent complete in Department B. Conversion costs are allocated based on the number of equivalent units processed in each department.

Operation Costing: Work-in-Process Inventory Washington, Inc., makes three models of motorized carts...

a.    What is the unit cost of each model transferred to finished goods in April?  b.   What is the balance of work-in-process inventory on April 30 for Department A? Department B?  

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