Q1.Highlight the target population, identify the sampling technique used, and calculate the

sample size for the cases listed below. Students may use Krejcie and Morgan (1979) table

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where required. (12 Marks)

  1. John worked in a FMCG with 2000 employees. He calculated a sampling fraction of 1/5. Using the employee list available with HR department, he assigned each employee a unique number. John selected first employee at random from the early 5 in that list and continued to select every fifth employee onwards.
  1. Talha needed to ensure that the total of 900 staff from all the three departments of a university was represented correctly in his research. His sampling frame was thus divided into three categories i.e. the three different departments. The individual cases in each department were then numbered and then selected randomly.
  1. Fozia’s research was concerned with school students’ motivation to learn. However, the exact number of students studying in colleges in Pakistan was unknown. She visited her college and planned to personally distribute and collect the questionnaires during the session break from various class rooms with the help of her 3 friends. Just in few hours, she was able to collect the required number of filled questionnaires.
  1. Nazia needed to interview retired bank presidents in Pakistan. She arranged her first interview with the retired bank president of her own bank and asked him whether he could be of further assistance. He offered to ‘introduce’ her to two other retired bank presidents that Nazia could interview and provided her with their contact numbers. Nazia interviewed 30 retired bank presidents in this way and then stopped as the data got saturated.


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