Task 3 (30 Marks) Write an essay or article of (600-700 words) which is based on “Core Life skills, their role and importance in my life in the current prevailing situation (COVID- 19 pandemic) and adapting to online education” This essay or article should answer some of the following questions: . . What is the role of the core life skills in the current situation? What are the changes you have made in your lifestyle and day-to-day living? What changes you had to adapt to online education? You could look at challenges and how you overcame them. Do these changes involve any of the core life skills? How have you helped and supported yourself and others in your immediate community in a responsible manner without putting yourself or anyone at risk? . (Note: Immediate community could be family, relatives and friends) This article/essay should include . . Personal experiences or situations faced for e.g.- some challenging situation overcome with some creative or critical thinking Examples of situations where you have supported family members/friends/relatives. For e.g. helping a younger sibling to attend online classes, helping parent in their work etc Techniques or tools used to improve your work and relationship, –

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