You work for a small company that sells products online, accepting traditional forms of payment such as credit cards and checks. Upper management is curious about digital currency and what the benefits of acceptance might be. They know little about digital currency, so they have come to you for advice.

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Prepare a formal memorandum based on your knowledge and/or outside research of digital currency. Keep your summary simple and entry-level. The goal of your memo is to provide a high-level, go/no-go decision tool for upper management. Your memo should convince them to dig deeper and continue pursuing digital currency as a viable option or forget the idea altogether.


  • Minimum length, one full page. Maximum length, two full pages. Hard constraint do not exceed two pages!
  • Do not turn this into a research paper on digital currency.
  • Keep it simple and stay out of the weeds!
  • Side Note: Do not use Wikipedia as a source for references.


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