Imagine you have completed your internship a few months ago and have
been applying for jobs in various organizations. Due to the pandemics and the
associated crisis in all the economic sectors it has been very challenging for
you to manage a job although you have appeared for many interviews in different
firms by now. Lately, what so happened with you is that, you crossed all the
levels of tests & interviews in a reputed organization until the final one.
The final interview with the HR head was also very good and you became hopeful
for obvious reasons. However, unfortunately, you discovered this morning that
they have taken somebody else for the position. You are completely depressed
and clueless about the reason for this rejection.

What are the possible defense mechanisms you think you
are likely to apply to protect your self-esteem and ego? List any four of them
on the left column and the associated actions/responses/thought processes on
the right to justify each mechanism.

answer it in 10 minutes

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