what is your idea about this discussion question?

The text states several pros and cons when in relationship to cohabitation vs. marriage such as:

Cohabitation has a lesser commitment than marriage – Marriage is based upon two individuals wanting to spend their lives together on every level… “until death do we part”.

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Married couples have a more fulling sexual relationship as those who cohabitate do not based upon the lack commitment and the security that a marriage is based upon.

individuality in the handling and decision making. In marriage, the couple is connected and committed to work together and motivated to making the union more solid in order to secure the union, a family and what accompanies.

Children tend to strengthen a marriage and provide a stabilizing factor -whereas those who cohabitate are less likely to be just the opposite causing a weakness in the family overall.

It is a fact that married couples tend to be happier and healthier than those couple who choose to cohabitate in that in marriage, the in-laws and extended families tend to offer more support to the family in which they feel comfortable to support.

Those who cohabitate are less likely to stress over the division of household chores and gender roles vs. those united in marriage.

I was raised in a family who by no means support cohabitation as it is not “biblical”. Although I understand cohabitation, I not fully comfortable with it. I believe that couples who choose to cohabitate are setting themselves up for failure. There is just no way that two people who are not married are able and willing to submit to the union as those who choose to marry. If you are going to be single – be single. Marriage takes a lot of work with the greatest investment being the pledge of committing to each other to secure its success. There is something about two individuals living together without this bond that allows them to think and be separate at any given moment. Its like living in a boat with a proverbial hole in it – it’s just hard to keep it afloat. Besides one can always be marriage, and for the most part, cannot always be single. Enjoy being single and growing together apart into a lifetime commitment aka marriage.

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