Contemporary Theories Used Today The contemporary approaches to management were developed from the mid-1940s to the mid-1960s. They are based in part on the contemporary approaches to management and include: (1) sociotechnical systems theory, (2) quantitative management (3) organizational behavior, and (4) systems theory. The timeline in Exhibit 2.1 in the text illustrates the development of these four theories. This activity is important because contemporary approaches to management have developed since World War II and continue to represent current management thought and practices. The goal of this activity is to distinguish between the four contemporary approaches to management. Hover over each item to read a hint. Then, drag each item to its corresponding contemporary theory. Some theories will have more than one item. Teamwork and work groups Inputs and outnut Participative management Theory and Theory Y Contingency perspective The total quality management (TOM) movement Secondary approach decision making Sociotechnical Systems Theory Systems Theory Quantitative Management Organizational Behavior
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