What professional standards were applied/breached in this situation?

Care standards or practice standards in nursing are broad principles that offer a basis as to the way a nurse is supposed to act and what he/she should and should not do in his/her proficient capacity. Deviation from this code of standards can cause definite legal insinuations. Care standards in nursing remain significant for the reason that they distinguish the trusted position in which a nurse plays. These standards are regarded as the basis for quality healthcare care. They have to be developed at the same time as evaluating the federal and state regulations, rules as well as laws, which oversee the nursing practice. Other organizations and agencies may as well aid in the progress of these standards. Care standards apply evenly to nurses in a variety of settings. They preside over the practice of nurses at each practice level. The nurse was involved in malpractice. There was a breach of duty. To institute breach of responsibility, the care standard has to be known. A patient injury took place. The failure of a nurse to perform a professional responsibility led to patient’s injury (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011).
Over the years, experts have scrutinized nursing malpractice suits to establish the most general subjects involved. Most malpractices argued against nurses, base on some causes, for instance, failure to follow care standards.  Ideally, care standards apply to various nurse- or patient-focused acts; a number of them may change from time to time. Examples given in the case study reveals that the nurse failed to institute a fall procedure and failed to follow the correct modus operandi (Cherry & Jacob, 2015).

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