What factors need to be considered when determining whether or not identified actions are within the domain of nursing practice

Nursing practice.Place youWhat factors need to be considered when determining whether or not identified actions are within the domain of nursing practice

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Nursing Care Summation
Nursing care is dependent upon caregivers� assessment, prioritization of care needs, and evaluation of patient and family responses. Growth into a new role is enhanced by reflection.
Please select one patient from your patient assignment in collaboration with your clinical instructor between clinical weeks 3 and 7. This patient must have multiple acute and chronic health conditions. The summation is to be completed following your clinical experience with the patient. Complete the following:
1. A brief overview of the patient�s reason(s) for hospitalization, treatments received/scheduled, and progress to date.
2. Narrative head to toe (or by systems) assessment.

a. You may use the facility�s documentation system as a guide. The narrative physical assessment history may follow the template outlined in the health assessment textbook – �normal� or �within normal limits� are not to be used as descriptors.

3. Select a minimum of 3 priority NANDA approved diagnoses for your patient. Remember to think priority!
4. Focused progress note of your clinical shift with the patient
a. Document your plan of care, interventions performed, and patient/family responses noted during your clinical shift with the patient in the form of a narrative progress note. Accurate documentation of time is vital in a medical record. The progress note should include accurate times (written in military time). Remember, the progress note should (at minimum) address the 3 priority nursing diagnoses.
5. Reflection of the clinical day
a. Describe your clinical performance for the day. Include positive experiences and areas for growth. Discuss the interactions encountered or observed on the unit (ancillary staff, nursing staff, physician/nurse practitioner/physician assistant staff, family members). Discuss strategies for change.

The reflection should be about one page in length (typed, double-spaced).

Section Expected Criteria Points Awarded/Points Possible
Overview of Pt. Hospitalization Accurately and concisely provides brief overview of the patient�s reason(s) for hospitalization, treatments received/scheduled, and progress to date.

How should the Chief Nursing Officer impact nurses in their everyday duties?� You should use the following excerpt from the IOM report �The Future of Nursing� to help you develop your discussion, and you can use your own experience as a healthcare professional to support your argument.Personal narrative is not appropriate for this assignment; rather, include your own critical and analytical ideas based on your experiences. Because this is a relatively short essay, do not attempt to address every aspect of the Chief Nursing Officer�s impact on nurses.� Instead, focus on two or three areas you think most important. Research and outside sources are not required for this essay; use only the resource provided.

Your essay will be evaluated on your general writing ability and on how well you meet the following expectations of academic writing discussed in this unit:

-Paper offers a clear, explicit, and direct discussion of the topic
-The language used is appropriate to the academic community
-The introduction clearly identifies the topic and establishes a specific argument
-The tone is objective in keeping with the scientific academic audience
-The paper incorporates the source effectively, using it as part of a meaningful discussion of the topic.

For this assignment, develop your own personal philosophy of nursing education. Choose 3 theories that guide your philosophy. Then describe how you will best educate nursing students and use the seven principles of good practice. Be sure to include the following components in your presentation:1. Provide a description of your own philosophy of nursing education using theories that guide your philosophy.

2. Describe how you will use the seven principles to educate nurses in the classroom and clinical settings.

3. Determine if these seven principles apply to the online environment.

4. Offer three examples of classes and/or assignments where you use your philosophy.

5. Present relevant literature to support your philosophy.

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Overview: Organizational Analysis  The Nurse Leader
The major assignment for this course is analysis of your organization. In this assignment, you will analyze your nurse leaders characteristics and behaviors regarding others in managing, leading, and communicating. By respectfully, but critically, critiquing these attributes of the nurse leader you have been shadowing,   you can identify the attributes that you consider most and least effective, and most and least similar to the way you see yourself managing, leading, and communicating.

Complete this document to record your analysis of your nurse leader.

Explain how organizations function.
Compare and contrast characteristics of leadership and management.
Apply trends, issues, theories, and evidence as guidelines for management decisions.
Evaluate effectiveness of communication patterns using specific management situations
Expected elements of scholarly writing:
Ensure correct grammar and spelling


Would you please follow strictly to the general instruction and the marking criteria (I will send those supporting files).

Create an evocative and engaging Op-Ed that applies insights on an issue or problem relating to the dignity of the human person and the realization of the common good that relates to my professional practice (I AM DOING NURSING).
For example, how does your chosen profession treat its client privacy and how does what you have learned about
human dignity and human rights impact on that treatment? (PLEASE READ CAREFUL how to apply those catholic principles to the ideas).

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