Use WolframAlpha software do Discussion

Use WolframAlpha software do Discussion.

This is Wolfram/Alpha

There has an example on the file

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Search for TWO inputs in Wolfram|Alpha. One input should be related to your intended career/major. (my major is communication-Radio TV and Mass Media). The other can be anything that interests you.

My philosophy is that just about ANYTHING you could input in this engine could provide some results that might be helpful in company decision-making (the term ‘company’ is used very loosely here – could be for individual/family, school, government, country, etc.).

So, in two separate paragraphs, explain what you chose as your inputs, why you chose them (doesn’t have to be a life-changing reason…we’re just curious), and provide some interesting computations or comparisons you learned. Come up with real or hypothetical situations as to WHY you’d need this data to help you make a decision for the organization (or a competitor). Paste an image of something from your output into your post. The only way to do that in our free access is to just click and drag to select a small section and then right-click and choose ‘Copy’. Then, you can right click in your discussion post to paste.

(Third Paragraph) Had you ever heard of Wolfram|Alpha before studying it in this class? (no i haven’t ) Can you see yourself using this in the future and/or sharing it with a colleague or friend? For what?

Use WolframAlpha software do Discussion

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