unsatisfactory professional conduct

How does the definition of ‘unsatisfactory professional conduct’ apply to the case study and why was the nurse or midwife in the case assessed the conduct pathway?
The definition of ‘unsatisfactory professional conduct’ as applied to the case study is conduct that considerably is below rational average. In other words, it is the behavior that exhibits the skills, knowledge, or decision processed by a nurse in the nursing practice that is below the accepted standard of nursing professionalism (Huston, 2014). The nurse or midwife in the case assessed the conducting pathway because personal behavior influences one’s health. The utilization of conduct pathways appears to have a favorable effect on patient’s outcomes, hospitalization, hospital charges as well as professional practice. In under-resourced sets, a significant problem to the utilization of conduct pathways could concern their development or adjustment to the definite situations of each site (Nolte & McKee, 2008).

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