Unit 6 Human Resources Mgmt. Assignment

Unit 6 Human Resources Mgmt. Assignment.

Managing Talent: How Google Searches for Performance Measures

In this Assignment, through the Google performance measurement case study , you will engage in developing the following professional competencies:

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  • Obtain and process information
  • If there’s one thing Google knows, it’s how to use software to wade through massive amounts of data and find what is most relevant. So it should come as no surprise that when the information technology powerhouse wanted to develop better managers, it started by looking at the data. As it turns out, Google found plenty to learn. Like most businesses, Google had files of data about managers—results of performance reviews, surveys measuring employee attitudes, and nominations for management awards. Unlike most businesses, Google figured out how to analyze all that data to come up with a profile of the kind of manager whose team is most successful.

    Review the Assignment Rubric (below) before starting this Assignment.

    Unit 6 Human Resources Mgmt. Assignment

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