Unique Features of E-Commerce Technology

Unique Features of E-Commerce Technology.

Detail :

Choose an e-commerce website (not discussed in the textbook, lecture, or live section) to assess in terms of the following eight unique features of e-commerce technology as referenced in Table 1.2, Chapter 1 and seen below. Your responses for the following points should total a minimum of 750 words.

  • In your opinion, which feature(s) does the site implement well? Which feature(s) does the site implement poorly? Explain your answer.
  • Prepare a short memo to the president of the company you have chosen that details your findings and any suggestions for improvement you may have.


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Internet / web technology is available everywhere at anytime

Global Reach

The technology reaches across national boundaries

Universal Standards

One set of technology standards: Internet standards


Videos, audio, and text messages are possible


Technology works through interaction with user

Information Density

Technology reduces information costs and raises quickly

Personalization / Customization

Technology allows personalized messages to be delivered

Social Technology

User content generation and social network

  • Include a minimum of three sources

Unique Features of E-Commerce Technology

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