Understanding the health or care management needs of the family

Answer each of the 7 questions listed below 250 words for each question with 2 peer reviewed sources dated within last 3 years for each question.
When you consider your new patient/family case, which bio-behavioral theory or theories described in your readings can help explain the issues confronting your family and best facilitate the development of measureable and attainable goals to address the issues most salient to your patient/family? Why?
When you consider the multiple factors that are essential to understanding the health or care management needs of the family, and the variety of models of health and care management, which model(s) and factor (s) will be central to the support of your specific patient/family. Why?
What actual community resources would you recommend as part of the plan of care for your patient/family and how would they help to reduce risk?
Experts describe the family unit as a distinct focus of nursing care (family as client) in comparison to patient-centered care where the patient is the focus. What family issues will take priority alongside patient-centered issues in the care of your patient/family ?
What risk behaviors and social determinants predispose populations and communities to the health issue discussed in your chapter?
What principles in ecology theory explain the health issue; its antecedents, development, and consequences?
Using one intrapersonal or interpersonal behavior change theory, what would be an effective population-level intervention to mediate risky behaviors for the health issue that could be used in an out-patient setting?
What community level intervention(s) have been found to be an effective way to reduce the incidence or prevalence of the health issue in geographic or social communities?

250 words answer the following 3 questions. 3 peer reviewed references all dated within last 3 years.
How did this course influence your understanding of what is involved with designing, developing, implementing and evaluating theory-based, population-focused health promotion programs?
Describe how experience gained through the course projects will influence your future practice as an advanced practice or nurse executive?
What have been your most important overall lessons learned about population health?

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