The truth and uncertainty on rashomon

Answer the following main question and related secondary questions: Given all the potential biases and mistakes and outright lies the media or eyewitnesses can make.

How can we reliably determine what has actually happened in any given news story or criminal investigation? You must first consider which factors most interfere with our ability to find the “truth” (is it lies and deception and misinformation?

Is it human error? It is incompetent story telling, by reporters and/ or witnesses? Is it personal and political biases? You can decide which exact factors to consider). And then you must devise some way to minimize, if not eliminate, those interfering factors.

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Whatever you come up with, you must be specific, you must explain yourself, and you must support your point of view at length. Whatever you come up with, you must then apply that method to the events of the film Rashomon​. Explain how your method best finds the most reliable “truth” of whatever happened in that story of the dead samurai and his wife.

You must also read and use–even if you end up disagreeing with them–the following articles:

● “Rashomon and Repression: A Multi-Source Analysis of Contentious Events” by Christian Davenport and Marika Litras

● “The Rashomon Effect in Three Headlines/ Stories” by Will H. Moore sstories/

● “American Meet Rashomon: Donald Trump and Multiple Truths” by Michale Lissack tm

These articles present both examples of the “Rashomon Effect” in action, and in at least two cases these articles present ideas about how best to handle uncertainty of contradictory stories among mutiple witnesses. You may end up agreeing with one or more of these sources, or you may end up disagreeing with all of them, too.

Whatever the case may be,

I need to you to consider within your paper what each of these authors is saying, to cite them all at least briefly, and to respond to them (do you agree or disagree and why). These articles also give you some nice examples to consider, too, which you may in turn use for your own argument.

You are allowed to use outside research beyond the three required articles above and the film ​Rashomon​. If you’ve taken psychology or law courses, for instance, those may be highly relevant to this discussion. As well as philosophy, journalism, sociology, or anthropology classes.

● Your paper needs a properly formatted Works Cited page.

● There is no specific page length. Be direct, be thoughtful and considerate; remember the things I always grade for (detail, clarity, support, and insight). But otherwise, you’re not writing a book.

This final essay, as challenging a question as it is, represents only your best, most educated opinion at this point in time. Speak for yourself, argue your reasons the video “Rashomon” to watch:

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